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•    Only Foundation SSB Batch in Country
•    All the facets—Psychology, I/O & GTO are dealt comprehensively
•    Individual Attention & OIR, Psychology Test Analysis
•    I/O Interview & analysis
•    Multiple Test Improvement 
•    Best for Repeaters and Freshers
•    Most Reasonable Course in the country

+300 Recommendations

It starts from 11th March, 2024

and Registrations are Open

Rajeev Ranjan


Shaurya aur Vivek Defence Academy welcomes Comdt. Rajeev Ranjan, an Ex- Military officer who has served nearly 25 years in the Indian Coast Guard. He has experience in the Maritime field as well as the Aviation wing of ICG. He is now a qualified Interviewing Officer with DIPR Certification intending to use his years of experience in grooming students of Shaurya Aur Vivek Defence Academy to join various Defence Services.

Comdt. Rajeev Ranjan Sir has vast experience of more than 2500 Interviews at Various selection boards trained at DIPR (Defense Institute of Psychological Research) and Air Force Selection board.

Rajeev Ranjan

 What is the SSB Course and what will you learn?  


It is a 30 days highly curated course with an in-depth analysis of the entire process of SSB, its background and what SSB expects out of each candidate. The course will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the three major components of SSB, namely, the Psychological tests, the interview round and the GTO round. Each individual candidate will be provided with analysis of their respective Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) and Self Description Test (SDT).


The course also entails individual I/O analysis which will enhance the chances of selection by 90%. It will also include a fundamental analysis of the GTO tasks which will further empower candidates to perform with the best of their abilities. Regular practice sessions of Group Discussion rounds, Lecturette and the various psychological tests will also be conducted throughout the course.


One of the major highlights of this course will be specialized live Defence and Security classes to boost up the candidate's knowledge pertaining to all the major defence related issues of India and the world. Adding on to this wholesome list of activities will be 2 exciting and adventurous trekking expeditions which will make this entire learning experience a memorable one.

Course Details

  • 21 Days Highly Curated Course with in-depth analysis of SSB

  • Comprehensive Dealing with all aspects (Psychology, I/O and GTO) of SSB (Service Selection Board)

  • PIQ and SDT Analysis of each candidate

  • Individual I/O Analysis of each candidate which will enhance the selection rate by 90%

  • Fundamental Analysis of GTO Task for Higher Understanding

  • Live Defence & Security Specialized Course

  • Regular Practice Sessions of Group Discussion, Lecturette & TAT etc.

Frequently asked questions

Duration of the course is 21 days of detailed course on SSB .


What is the duration of the course?

Candidates preparing for NDA, TES, CDS, AFCAT, INET, NCC, ACC, TA, Technical Entries or any other entry.


Who should apply for this course?

For course fee details please contact: +91 8510010800, +91 8510010400


What is the total fee of the course?

Accommodation and food costs will be separate. Our staff will assist students in hostels/PG/food services (if required)


Is accommodation and food included in the fee?

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