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Sanjay Kumar Sir is Ex-IMA (Indian Military Academy), Indian Army professional with stints at Intelligence Bureau (Under Ministry of Home Affairs), Defence Journalism and been an ardent motivational speaker at various platforms such as Josh Talks. After working in various industries and being part of educational framework, he decided to start SAVDA (Shaurya aur Vivek Defence Academy), as he felt there is a desperate need and guidance needed for defence aspirants. He has completed his post-graduation in Journalism and has keen interest in general studies, security analysis and psychometric test. Currently, Sir works closely with SSB and Written Exam students to take them to the next level of joining the prestigious defence academies.

Sanjay Kumar
Ex-IMA (Indian Army) & IB (MHA), Author, Disha Publications & Motivational Speaker (Josh Talks)
Dumbledore of SAVDA


 Shaurya aur Vivek Best Defence Academy in Ghaziabad

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Divya Gupta Ma'am is Former Assistant Commandant, CRPF with stints in many sensitive areas including Srinagar. Additionally, Ma’am has commanded 500 to 1000 troops for various law & order duties, election duties, parliament duties, securing sensitive installations and VIP duties. She had completed her post-graduation in Political Science. 
She had completed her post-graduation in Political Science. Ma’am is also the Co-Founder of Shaurya aur Vivek Defence Academy (SAVDA), Ex-Unacademy and with years of experience in guiding students to fulfil their aspirations of joining the Forces.

Divya Gupta
Co Founder
(Ex Asst. Comdt. CRPF)
The Sensei of SAVDA


Founder and Owner of one of the best Educational academies In South Delhi  by the name of STERLING ACADEMY at B-3 Gulmohar Park, New Delhi. Ex-faculty of UNACADEMY, Ex-faculty of AOA (Academy of Accountancy) leading chain of Institutes in South Delhi. Leveraging  his experience In CBSE, ICSE and ISC Boards over 22+ years, Kunal Sir has always focused on practice based learning - creating a niche of his own in education field.
This has helped students across boards/exams to understand and implement concepts which almost becomes a response.

Kunal Chauhan
CO Founder
"The One Who Knows it ALL"
Jack of all Trades

Hi, I am Sandeep Singh, I am the Digital Media head at SAVDA. I love working with data and analysing new social media trends. I come from an defence background that's why i can relate most of the things going in this organisation and i love working within it. Other than that I am an National/University level footballer and love Manchester United.


Sandeep Singh
Social & Digital Media Head
Bestower of Creativity

Nandini Dwivedi

I am a member of SSB Core team at SAVDA who believes that "IF YOU HAVE IT IN YOU ,all you need is to use your strengths judiciously and work on your areas of improvement on a daily basis until you achieve your dreams". And here at SAVDA we help you in this journey as your confidant and mentor.

Nandini Dwivedi
Senior Faculty, SSB Core Team
Calmer of Storms

I am an ardent defence aspirant with three times selection and keen interest in debates and national level competitions. Being part of Academics Team and conversing with students is something which comes naturally to me. Managing things and working diligently are my core principles of my KOA. My focus at SAVDA is to help aspirants achieve their dream under the right guidance and right mentorship.

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Manju Kundu
Academics Manager
Conversation to Cooperation

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