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Which are tips and tricks to clear the SSB?

The only tip and trick to clear SSB is that THERE ARE NO TIPS AND TRICKS. Read it again.

My long journey of getting recommend multiple times , has proved me one thing which is the more you enjoy the process and journey the more fruitful your result is.

Hence, with the right guidance and understanding of the process , you will be able to demonstrate your true and honest personality in your SSB.

With right guidance and sheer hard work you can get anything you aspire for. In that matter SAVDA(SHAURYA AUR VIVEK DEFENCE ACADEMY) helps you in understanding the process and developing the apt personality for the SSB( or life if you look at the larger picture).

You can visit their official handles-

Website: Defence examination and SSB training centre, Indirapuram (Delhi NCR)

Well versed knowledge of process , yourself, your surroundings, your aim will give you the desired results.

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