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I want to clear both the NDA and IITJEE, but lately I feel like I just can’t handle the pressure. Ev

Firstly , it's not you verses everyone. It is you verses your perceived capabilities. You don't need motivation or validation from outside when the thing you want in your life is so dear to you. Take a break from your routine, and do INTROSPECTION AND SOLILOQUY , spend some time with yourself and find answers to all the doubts and questions coming to your mind.

At SAVDA(SHAURYA AUR VIVEK DEFENCE ACADEMY) , Sanjay sir and his team make candidates undergo this process of SOLILOQUY with multiple activities like purity of purposes, clarity of thoughts etc which give them edge in the process of knowning one self.

You can visit their official handles

It's a high time for you to prioritise your aim And have a strong backup plan. Undergo this process and you will have your answers.

Hope this will help you. All the best.

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